Keep Your Home Safe While on Vacation and Enjoy Your Time Away

There’s no doubt about it, everyone looks forward to a relaxing getaway. Most all of us also want the peace of mind that our homes are safe and secure while we’re on vacation. While a break in or burglary is a real concern when you’re away from your home, particularly in the summer, there are several things you can do to keep your home safe while on vacation. If you’re headed out of town soon, give yourself a break and prepare ahead of time so that you can relax and know your home is secure while you’re away.

1. Leave the curtains alone.

Most vacationers think it’s a good idea to close the blinds before leaving on vacation. While this preparation deters onlookers from peeking inside your house, it also signals to potential thieves that no one is home, especially if they are closed for days or weeks at a time. Your best bet is to leave the curtains as they normally are and simply move some of your more expensive items, such as computers and jewelry, out of view of the window.

2. Put the lights on a timer.

Leaving lights on in the house is another way people often try to make their vacant homes look inhabited. However, leaving a light on constantly will not only raise your electric bill, it will also serve as a tip that no one is in fact home. Instead, purchase an inexpensive light switch timer that you can set to turn your lights on and off on a schedule. Doing so will make it look as though someone is home and help keep your home secure while on vacation.

3. Schedule a mail pick up.

It’s common practice to have your mail stopped while you’re on vacation, but even this is not a good practice, according to USA Today. Doing so will tip off the newspaper and postal workers that you’re going to be away. Instead, have a trusted friend or neighbor stop to pick up your mail, packages, and newspaper periodically so no piles build up that may signal to a burglar that no one is home.

4. Install a security system.

A home security system is an added safety measure all year long and is particularly advantageous when you’re going to be away from home for long periods of time. To get a high-quality system, you will have to make a bit of an investment up front, but most insurance companies offer a discount for having a home security system. And the peace of mind you’ll have while you’re away is worth the investment alone.

5. Prepare for inclement weather.

While intruders are likely the biggest risk you think of when it comes to keeping your home secure, inclement weather can also be a problem. Rather than making you leave an enjoyable vacation too soon, be sure to take a few safety measures to avoid storm damage. Unplug your television, computer, and other appliances to protect them from power surges. Take necessary precautions to avoid a flood should a water line break–consider turning off the water main or have a friend check periodically while you are gone.

6. Double check your locks.

More burglaries happen through an unlocked door or window than you might guess, so be sure to take some precautionary measures before you leave home. Check your locks and latches to make sure they are in good working order and be sure to double check that all entry points are secured before you leave. Get rid of the spare key outside and instead leave it with a trusted friend or neighbor to keep your home safe while on vacation.

Your vacation should be an exciting and carefree time, but if you’re having anxiety over the safety of your home, your trip will be anything but relaxing. Before you leave, follow these tips to keep your home safe while on vacation and enjoy your time away!

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