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Elam Allgyer—Certified Home Inspector

Elam Allgyer is the owner and home inspector of Integrity Home Inspections LLC. Through years of hard work, Elam has built a strong foundation of knowledge when it comes to homes. Elam truly understands what a safe and sound structure consists of, and he sees it as his duty to make sure that every homebuyer can attain that same level of understanding. Elam is always respectful of his clients’ time, showing up for appointments promptly and fully prepared to provide a comprehensive home inspection that will prove to be a valuable resource as you decide whether or not to pursue a prospective investment. Elam is certified through InterNACHI and follows their rigorous Standards of Practice.

Built to Help You Achieve Your Goals

Before he became a professional home inspector, Elam worked for over 18 years in the residential construction industry, doing everything from the initial concrete pour for a home’s foundation to framing walls and building roofing systems. This well-established knowledge of building trades, material quality, and proper construction practices is what made Elam’s current career in home inspection possible. When you schedule an inspection with Integrity Home Inspections LLC, you know that you’re receiving a top-quality service that will give you peace of mind as your prepare to buy or sell a home.

When he’s not on the job, Elam loves to spend his time outdoors, whether he’s trail running, hiking, or camping. He also enjoys traveling the world in missions (or pleasure), experiencing different cultures by interacting with the people of the land and enjoying the local food.

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At Integrity Home Inspections LLC, our core values are simple—we want to provide every client with an honest evaluation of a property that will elevate your understanding and facilitate a less stressful real estate transaction. Contact us today to request an appointment.




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